PR Mayor Issues Voter Turnout Challenge to Beat HW

PR Mayor Issues Voter Turnout Challenge to Beat HWJim Shaffer KELLER ad black

(Pleasant Ridge Mayor Kurt Metzger, Oct. 31, 2014)

Historically, Oakland County Voter Turnout has been higher than any of the other 82 counties in the state. Within Oakland County, I am happy to say that Pleasant Ridge has always been at the top or slightly behind Huntington Woods.

I just completed a brief analysis in order to get PR voters energized to win this battle once and for all. The chart below shows Pleasant Ridge and Huntington Woods turnout rates over the last 5 elections – 4 November elections and this year’s August Primary.

In the last off-year election – 2010 – Pleasant Ridge was edged out by HW 66 percent to 62 percent. waterworkThe 2011 election brought PR’s first hard fought Commissioner race in a number of years and the result was startling – 45 percent of our registered voters showed up. Huntington Woods had little controversy and the result was a measly 19 percent turnout.

The Presidential election of 2012 brought impressive turnouts in both communities, with HW once again winning the title – 83% vs 79%. When local elections for Mayor and Commissioners came up again in 2013, PR voters came forth in numbers greater than 2011 and easily won the battle – 53% to 21%. The just completed August Primary resulted in low turnout and another close race, with Huntington Woods winning 34% to 31%.

This off-year election is very different from that of 2010 for Pleasant Ridge voters, but relatively equivalent for those in Huntington Woods. We have 3 very important tax-related ballot issues – Library, Parks and General Operating millages. In addition, we have an “Initiary Petition to Amendsidebar012stairs Our Charter” in terms of how certain marijuana-related offenses are enforced. Huntington Woods voters only have to deal with marijuana.

It is extremely important that Pleasant Ridge voters show up at the polls next Tuesday to vote on the millages, and all the other important elected positions, starting with Governor, that are to be decided. In addition, I would like to see us really “take HW to the cleaners.”

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