Military Care Package Packing Party, Oct. 18 in Wolverine Lake

Military Care Package Packing Party, Oct. 18 in Wolverine Lake

(Compiled, Sept. 27, 2014)

The residents of Wolverine Lake Village, in conjunction with Military Families United of Michigan and K-9 Defender Fund, are hosting a packing party to support our troops and military working dogs still serving on the battlefield. They welcome these packages from home to let them know we care and appreciate what they are doing for our country.

Saturday, October 18, 2014, 9:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon Shepherd of the Lakes Lutheran Church 2905 S. Street-Eatzz-AdCommerce Road Wolverine Lake, MI 48390 Organized by Wolverine Lake Village Residents: Kristy Nedrow (248) 960-0244 Joann Sullivan (248) 624-1706, Debbie Ellsworth and Denny DeWitt, Vietnam Veteran.

HOW CAN YOU HELP? You may donate items from the list below. Your donations may be delivered to Kristy at 515 Laguna Ct., Wolverine Lake, MI 48390 beginning September 22nd.

You may also volunteer to pack the boxes at the party.

You may also donate $$ as it costs nearly $15.00 to mail every box; checks may be made out to Military Families United.

You may also donate $$ toward the $250 cost of a K-9 protective gear package (cooling vest with two cool dinos02sidelogo3packs, Doggles, Muttlucks) or the $225 cost of a K-9 advanced first aid bag (specialized oxygen mask, splints; etc.) checks may be made out to K-9 Defender Fund. All checks can be mailed to the Laguna Ct. Address.

Items to Donate: Nothing flammable or with alcohol and no aerosol cans. No nail polish or aerosol spray perfumes. No pork products or political statements.

Snacks: hard candy, gum, life savers, cookies, brownies, slim jims, beef jerky (no pork products), nuts of all kinds, sunflower seeds, healthy foods, “pocket food” (anything that will fit into a pocket out on a mission), raisins, snack cakes, dried fruit, trail mix, skittles, M & Ms, Air Head candy, ALL kinds of candy, Rice Krispy seed02_sharon chessTreats, more candy, more snacks, Pringles, pretzels, crackers, peanut butter. Breakfast foods: instant oatmeal packets, Pop Tarts, cereal bars, energy bars, granola bars, pre-sweetened cereal, individual serving size cereal boxes Instant beverages/Instant Foods: Gatorade mix, instant coffee singles, individual cream & sugar packets, tea bags, Tang drink, Kool Aid, Crystal Light, Instant Breakfast, powdered dry milk, easy-open cans. INDIVIDUAL SERVINGS (no drink larger than 32 oz). Easy open cans or pouches of tuna, pasta, mac & cheese, fruit, canned meat (no pork products), noodles in a cup, Ramen Noodles, pudding

Entertainment: paper to write home, envelopes, pens, you may write them letters, self-addressed envelope/paper or your e-mail address so they can write or e-mail you back (to comply with federal law, no last names or addresses of children), playing cards and card games (Uno), international phone cards so they can call their loved ones.

Medical/Comfort: Regular-sized rolls of Toilet paper, Cortaid and Benadryl cream for bug bites, Tylenol, foot care products, foot powder, Q-Tips to clean ears and weapons, sun block, Chap Stick, eye drops, small or travel sized shampoo, conditioner, saline nose spray, bar soap, stick deodorant, small or travel size body lotion, Reid_Sally_115body wash, bug repellant (stick only), disposable razors, small or travel size baby wipes, nail clippers, Pepto- Bismol, Neosporin, tooth brushes, tooth paste, dental floss, mouth wash, hand sanitizer, band-aids.

Military Working Dog items: (Nothing from China) Collapsible fabric water bowl, waterless dog shampoo, paw or nose salve, dog ear cleaner, dog eye drops, flea collar, large air Kong sticks w/rope, large Kong toy, large rope toys, Nylabones, Cosequin, silicone dog brush, pre-packaged dog biscuits (no rawhide, pig ears or hoofs), heavy duty retractable leashes and baby wipes. No Bulk Packages, tennis balls or dog food.

Miscellaneous: Zip-lock bags of all sizes (to keep the sand out), powder laundry detergent, black sunglasses (dollar store). Individually-wrapped, single-serve sizes in a bulk package may be donated as they will be distributed among many packing boxes. We would love to send a box to your loved one – please provide their address!

For more information contact Kristy Nedrow (248) 960-0244.

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