Grand Opening of Candle Wick Shoppe’s Reiki Healing Center, Sept. 15

Grand Opening of Candle Wick Shoppe’s Reiki Healing Center, Sept. 15oakland115 reiki

(Candle Wick Shoppe Press Release, Sept. 14, 2014)
12:00 noon to 8:00 pm

We are proud to announce the opening of CWS Reiki Healing Center. We want to be your Reiki source in Ferndale, Michigan.

First a little bit about Reiki Healing. It is the method by which universal light and love joins our own energy to dda_ad_06bring healing and balance to our body, emotion, mind and spirit. A Reiki practitioner is the channel for Reiki energy from spirit to you.

The phenomenon called Reiki is a gentle healing energy that nurtures you on every level. It can be used as first aid, as support while dealing with heavier medical conditions, bring peace of mind in a hectic world, and soothe broken hearts and souls. Reiki is safe for everyone.

Here at CWS RHC, our gifted Reiki practitioners love to share reiki for the benefit of humanity and we offer many different options for you to experience it.
1. Private session
2. Our walk in Clinic
3. The Reiki ShareReid_Sally_115
4. Learn Reiki and do it yourself!
5. Group Reiki Healing Circle

Upcoming Events
September 15 – soft opening of the Reiki Healing Center – taking appointments from noon to 7:00 for private reiki sessions
September 27 – Master Reiki Certification Class 10 am – 4 pm $300
October 27 – Open house and free Reiki talk and demo
November 8 – Reiki one and two certification classes 10 am to 4 pm

Every Thursday – Group Reiki Healing Circle 6 pm
seed024_jeannie_davis_from_loriEvery third Sunday – Dharma room Walk in Clinic 12-4 pm, Share 4-6 pm

Private Reiki Sessions
1 hour and half hour sessions are available by appointment through the Candle Wick Shoppe.
Call 248-547-2987 for more information on private sessions for Advance Reiki healing treatments and Akashic Healing Sessions and to make your appointment. Fees apply.

The Dharma Room Reiki Clinic – Third Sunday of the Month noon to 4 pm.
Come to relax, come for the positive energy but most of all; come to heal.
Our walk in clinic is attended by Reiki Practitioners attuned to the Usui system of Reiki healing. This is a non-religious, non-sectarian practice. No appointment necessary, first come first serve. Fees apply.

Reiki Share for Reiki Practitioners – Every third Sunday 4 pm – 6 pmMBREW draft one
Our Reiki share is a time for networking, sharing techniques, skills and stories and getting a well-deserved Reiki treatment. A Reiki one attunement is required. For more information see our
Suggested donation $5

Reiki Certifications
Learn Reiki with us!
Being able to help yourself and others feel better is the greatest gift you can give. If you have ever felt helpless when a loved one has needed comforting or relief from pain, Reiki will make a difference in your life. Getting a Reiki attunement and knowing how to use is quite a game changer. The many practical applications for Reiki is pretty impressive. Not only that, Reiki is easy to do, safe for everyone, including children and pets.
Jim Shaffer KELLER ad blackIf you have ever wanted to know Reiki or have known all along your hugs and kisses contain special healing properties, come and learn Reiki with us. We offer Reiki 1, 2 and 3 classes many times a year. Taught by Patty Shaw, RM. Contact us for Class schedule and prices.

Group Reiki Healing Circle – Begins in August 7, 2014. Every Thursday evening – 6 pm to 7 pm
Together we will heal ourselves.
We offer two half hour seated group meditations; 6 to 6:30pm and 6:30 to 7 pm. We start by setting our intention (what do we need to heal) and spend 25 minutes receiving Reiki energy to help us achieve our goal. Everyone in the group will receive Reiki energy.
Suggested donation $10

Patty Shaw, Reiki Master and Director opened the Dharma Room Reiki Clinic in September 2010. It was a dream of hers to give back to the community one person at a time in a way that would be personally rewarding and life changing. Patty teaches our reiki classes, hosts our Reiki share and clinic and offers private modern natural baby inprogressappointments for advanced Reiki healing and spiritual counseling.

Patty is a Minister with UCM (Universal Church of the Masters) and earned her Reiki Master degree in 1999. She is also a spiritual counselor and works with the Akashic Records during healing sessions.
Patty is author of Healers Almanac and co-author with Jacki Smith of DIY Akashic Wisdom. Co-owner of Candle Wick Shoppe and Coventry Creations, both located in Ferndale, MI.
Learn more about what it’s like to work with Patty on her website,
see details or contact us

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