Ritual in Ferndale to Spread Love to Hazel Park Couple Sunday

Ritual in Ferndale to Spread Love to Hazel Park Couple SundayJudyPalmer01

(Crystal A. Proxmire, March 1, 2014)

In support of the Deboer and Rowse family going to court for the right for Second Parent Adoption and marriage equality, Jacki Smith of Candle Wick Shoppe will be leading the Ferndale community in a ritual to transform fear and hate into support and love. Their goal is “to break down the barriers that block the freedom of any loving parent to adopt their children together and to marry.”

The Hazel Park couple is suing the State of Michigan and Oakland County for the right to jointly adopt their children. ctechad The case is going through Federal District Court and is expected to conclude this week.

“This trial is a reminder of how isolating and cruel the world can be. By standing together and showing our support and love we hope to help ease the struggle that April and Jayne are going through for all of us,” said co-organizer Nan Kerr-Mueller on the event’s Facebook page.

“I know this sounds a little idealistic, but I am willing to shoot for perfection because even if we fall a little short, we are a better place than I was before,” said Smith.  “This [marriage equality] is the next step in our evolution as humans – equality for all. I am honored to have been asked because every opportunity to bridget and kevin deegan krause thank youpromote healing and love is good moment.

“Do I think this will do any good? YES! With complete certainty, YES. All good thoughts for the Deboer and Rowse family and marriage equality will help dissipate the fear and bring love and tolerance to our country. Can you imagine if we all resounded with healing rather than hate, how fast we can change the world?”

Kids are welcome and encouraged.  “This event is about and for family! Chosen, adoptive and biological,” their Facebook page says.

A hat will be passed for donations to help offset legal expenses that April and Jayne are accruing due to the trial.

The love ritual takes place at Affirmations Community Center in Ferndale at 2pm on Sunday, March 02, 2014.

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