Feb. 25 Clawson School Bond Vote FAQs

Feb. 25 Clawson School Bond Vote FAQsToms Custom Painting Ad

(Clawson Schools, Feb. 23, 2014)

When is the election?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014. The polls will be open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m.

What is on the ballot?

Residents will vote on an important bond proposal. If approved by voters, it will not increase the current tax rate. (In fact, beginning in 2017 the overall tax rate will decrease as previously approved bonds are paid off.)

How will the basic bond proposal benefit students and the community?

JudyPalmer01The bond proposal will benefit students and Clawson School District residents in two ways:

1. It will enhance the learning environment and student security by remodeling, equipping, and re-furnishing school buildings and other facilities.

2. It will prepare, develop, and improve sites at school buildings and other school district facilities.

How much will the bond proposal cost?

If voters approve the bond proposal, the current tax rate will not change. The current tax rate will be extended to finance $9.9 million in projects that will enhance every school facility and positively impact every Clawson student.

Below is a complete list of projects that have been approved by the Michigan Department of Treasury and will be completed if the February 25 bond proposal is approved by Clawson School District voters

Clawson High School Projectsgallowaycollens1

Exterior Projects

Add fence between parking lot and soccer field • Install new synthetic turf soccer field

• Install 800 sq. ft. storage structure

Building Renovations

Classrooms: Replace carpet in 1st & 2nd floor classrooms • Add two whiteboards in

1st & 2nd floor classrooms • Replace 1st & 2nd floor classroom doors/hardware

Gym and Pool Areas: Remodel pool and locker room areas (flooring, ceilings, finishes, lighting) • Install four new drinking fountains in pool area • Replace pool main water shut-offs • Install exhaust fans in thank you carol jacksonrestrooms • Add two circulating heat pumps and motors

• Replace pool main pumps • Replace sump pumps • Remodel boys’ and girls’ locker rooms

• replace mens locker room door • Replace pool lockers, office doors and hardware

• Expand pool lift access • Remove diving board • Install new flooring

Other Improvements: Remodel restrooms by Media Center and Cafeteria to meet requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) • Install new flooring in elevator cab • Replace entry carpeting • Install display system in School Store • Install new ceiling tile • Install new interior corridor doors • Remodel cafeteria stage (flooring and finishes) • Convert laundry room to a storage room • Replace main entry and vestibule doors • Remodel Cafeteria (flooring, ceiling, finishes, lighting)

Safety and Security

Upgrade emergency lighting system • Add stage lighting • Add security cameras • Install security hardware and re-key building • Install site lighting

Total cost of Clawson High School Projects $2,257,132nicholas-schrock-allstate

Clawson Middle School Projects

Exterior Projects

Install new tennis courts for school use and community recreation

Building Renovation

Classrooms: Replace heating, ventilation, air conditioning units (HVAC units) in old sections of the school

Gym, Cafeteria and Band Rooms: Renovate boys’ locker room (tile, ceiling, HVAC units, lighting) • Replace ventilation system in gym • Remodel the cafeteria (flooring, ceiling, finishes, lighting) • Divide food storage from maintenance storage • Add rooftop heating, ventilation, air conditioning unit for band room

Other Improvements: Install new roofing • Replace ceiling tile • Replace carpeting

• Add exhaust fans in restrooms • Provide storage area at northwest stairwell • Add lighting in hallway showcases

moderntaxSafety and Security

Add security cameras • Upgrade emergency lighting system • Improve site (outdoor) lighting • Re-key building with security hardware • Replace broken classroom doors and hardware • Install new classroom doors where needed • Add emergency lighting in basement

Total cost of Clawson Middle School Projects $1,954,334

Baker Preschool Center Projects

Exterior Projects

Replace parking lot • Replace parking lot curb and gutter • Replace parking lot walks

• Correct exterior drainage issues • Replace concrete walks

Building Renovation

Classrooms: Replace classroom carpet • Replace chalk boards with white boards

• Install new casework in classrooms • Replace classroom sink cabinetsDDAsample01

Gym, Cafeteria and Music Rooms: Replace gym doors, frames, and hardware • Replace doors under stage area • Install acoustical sound panels in music room

Other Improvements: Replace brick at window casings • Replace concrete threshold at double doors • Install new roofing • Renovate women’s restroom to meet requirements of

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) • Add overhangs at entries • Add air conditioning to building • Replace heating unit ventilators • Install exhaust fans in restrooms

• Install new boiler

Safety and Security

Add security cameras • Re-key building with security hardware • Add exterior lighting

• Upgrade emergency lighting system • Add smoke detectors to existing fire alarm system

• Replace lights in storage room

sidebar01reader_supportTotal cost of Baker Preschool Center Projects $1,966,784

Clawson Bus Garage Projects

Exterior Projects

Add power poles for buses • Add powered security gate • Install new paving

Safety and Security

Re-key building with security hardware

Total cost of Bus Garage Projects $ 90,049

Clawson Athletic Site Projects for School Sports and Community Recreation

Exterior Projects

Remodel team room building including metal roof • Install new windows in press box

• Replace old wood stairs at press box with new steel stairs • Add card access reader

(Note that many other athletic and community recreation projects are included in the

Clawson Middle School and Clawson High School list of projects.)dinos02sidelogo3

Total cost of Clawson Athletic Site Projects $ 411,705

Kenwood Elementary School Projects

Exterior Projects

Replace parking lot • Replace curb and gutter • Install sidewalk expansion joints

• Fence replacement at large playground area • Playground equipment replacement

• Replace concrete walks

Building Renovation

Classrooms: Replace carpet in three classrooms and office • Install new flooring in classroom restrooms • Replace closet doors in three classrooms • Install new drapery hardware in classrooms

DENGATE _Fern115_AdGym, Cafeteria and Media Center: Install new adjustable basketball backboards

• Install safety padding on gym walls • Replace gym floor • Install stage lighting and sound system • Install large-screen display panel at cafeteria stage • Replace cafeteria furniture

• Replace weather strip in cafeteria • Replace lower storage doors at stage • Replace carpet in Media Center

Other Projects: Install new roofing • Replace aluminum fascia at entry • Install new control joints at exterior façade • Remodel two existing chimneys • Install new ceiling tile

• Replace entry carpet • Replace tile flooring • Install new window hardware • Replace drinking fountains to meet requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

• Install new boiler • Add auto flush valves in all restrooms • Install new internal climate controls in heating units • Install bathroom fixtures in maintenance room • Install condensate drain on heating units

Safety and Security

Add security cameras • Replace fire alarm system • Replace key pads and hardware on entry doors • Replace entry doors to large playground • Re-key building security hardware

• Replace room and hall lighting • Replace key pad entry and hardware on entry doorsessential

Total cost of Kenwood Elementary School Projects $1,729,333

Schalm Elementary Projects

Exterior Projects

Install new landscaping • Replace concrete walks • Replace east parking lot • Replace east lot curb • Add playground canopy • Remove rocks at exterior of Library and re-grade

• Correct drainage issue at playfields • Install pre-fab storage structure

BTLWeddingExpo_144x360Building Renovation

Gym: Install air conditioning in gym

Other Projects: Install new roofing • Install new boiler • Replace entry carpet

• Exterior brick replacement • Remodel boys’ and girls’ restrooms (flooring, ceiling, finishes and plumbing) • Install new ceiling tile • Install acoustical wall panels in corridor • Replace exterior plaster soffit • Replace south and east soffit at entries • Install auto flush valves in all restrooms • Install exhaust fans in restrooms • Install new drinking fountains to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Safety and Security

Add security cameras • Re-key building with security hardware

Total cost of Schalm Elementary Projects $1,377,619

Can money from the bond proposal be used to pay employee salaries and benefits?

No. Michigan law prohibits spending bond funds for salaries and benefits.thank you danne witkowski

Will people in the community be able to use the tennis courts and soccer field?

Yes. These facilities will be open to Clawson residents when not being used by the Clawson Public School District.

What will happen if voters do not approve the bond proposal?

The work listed above will not be done. The projects needed to enhance our learning environment, student safety and security, and the condition of our schools and educational facilities will not be addressed.

Who can vote on the bond proposal?

Anyone who lives in the Clawson Public School District, will be 18 years of age or older on election day, and is registered to vote by January 27, 2014.

Where can I register to vote?

You can register to vote at any Secretary of State Office or at the City of Clawson Clerk’s Office. You can download a voter registration application at: www.michigan.gov/documents.

Do I need to update my voter registration?

ctechadYou need to update your voter registration if you have changed your name or address since the last time you voted. You can do this at any Secretary of State Office or at the City of Clawson Clerk’s Office.

Where do I vote?

Voters will vote at their regular precinct. (There is a precinct map on the school district’s website. Go to www.clawson.k12.mi.us, click on Bond Proposal Information, then click on Precinct Map.)

Can I vote by absentee ballot?

Registered voters can vote by absentee ballot if they meet one of the following six requirements:

1. They expect to be out of town on Election Day; 2. They are 60 years of age or older; 3. They are unable to vote without assistance at the polls; 4. They are in jail awaiting arraignment or trial; 5. They have been appointed to work as an election inspector in a precinct outside of their precinct of residence; or, 6. They cannot attend the polls due to religious reasons.

Absentee ballot applications can be picked up at the City of Clawson Clerk’s Office anytime before February 25. You can fill out your application and vote in one stop. After you complete the application, the Clerk will give you a ballot and you can vote. The whole process takes less than five minutes.

Where can I get more information or answers to other questions I have about the basic bond proposal?

Go to www.clawson.k12.mi.us and click on Bond Proposal Information or call

Monique Beels, Superintendent of the Clawson Public Schools, at 248/655-4448.

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