Berkley Kids Get SMART in the Classroom

Berkley Kids Get SMART in the ClassroomToms Custom Painting Ad

(Berkley Public Schools, orig. Berkley Beat, Dec. 6, 2013)

Classrooms at Rogers Elementary School look, for the most part, the same. But what’s happening in the classrooms has changed since the arrival of the SMART Interactive projectors. In November, each K-5 hjghgfguygclassroom received a SMART projector that is mounted above the whiteboard and projects the teacher’s computer screen. The ‘smart’ behind the projector changes the whiteboard into an interactive dual touch interface.

Students are learning through this new technology in every subject. Teachers are using online components to Everyday Math, Scholastic News, weekly readers,nicholas-schrock-allstate using licenses to resources the District already owns and adding in the interactive components. The SMART projector also came with a full online component, the SMART Exchange, for teachers to find interactive games and resources to add to lessons throughout the day.

So far, the students are very excited about the new tool. Principal Mary Coughlin said parents have shared that students are coming home talking about the projectors and how excited they are to use them during the day.

The idea sidebar01reader_supportfor this technology initiative was initiated by Principal Coughlin. She had been saving some of her building budget and parent and student fundraising for three years and wanted to make a big impact at Rogers. So, she met with the District tech team and Rogers Media Specialist Dan Duffy and decided to pilot the SMART projectors. After successful pilots in the Spring, the equipment was ordered and installed this Fall.HowesLocation

The projectors not only enhance classroom engagement and open resources to teachers, they also free up space previously occupied by overhead projectors and projector carts.

The project has been well received by the Rogers community, staff and students, and will continue to unlock resources to interactive learning well into the future.

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