Troy Police Reports July 2, 2013

Troy Police Reports

(Troy Police Department, July 2, 2013)

  Breaking and Entries

CVS, 4963 John R, 6/24/13, 2:45 am: Troy Officers were dispatched to an activated burglary alarm at CVS. When officers arrived they discovered the front door had been pried open. Thirty cartons of cigarettes and a substantial amount of prescription medication was stolen.

Americare Medical, 1938 Woodslee, 6/24/13, 2:53 am: Troy Officers responded to an activated burglary alarm at Americare Medical. When officers arrived they discovered the front door to the building had been pried open. Nothing appears to have been stolen.

Credit, Check, Identity Theft, Other Fraud

Wal-Mart, 2001 W Maple, 6/22/13, 9am – 9pm: Complainant, a Westtown, NY, resident, reports that his VISA debit card number was used to make a $55.76 purchase at the Troy Wal-Mart store.

 Domestic/Family Trouble

Troy Officers responded to five incidents involving domestic disputes or family troubles during this reporting period.  On-scene investigation of these incidents did not result in evidence of crimes being committed; however, Officers were required to take non-enforcement actions to either mediate the situation or keep the peace.  Readers should be aware that although these incidents did not result in arrest or prosecution, they do represent significant law enforcement resources in terms of time, on-scene investigation, potential relocation of disputants, referrals to support agencies, peace keeping, as well as detective and prosecutorial review.


Firefighter’s Park, 1810 W Square Lake, 6/18/13, 6:13 pm: Troy Officers were dispatched to the park after a caller stated a man was selling Frisbee golf discs, and possibly marijuana, out of his vehicle. Officers arrived and made contact with the man who confirmed he was selling Frisbee golf discs. Officers determined the Bloomfield Township man had an outstanding Friend of Court warrant. A K-9 officer and his dog arrived on the scene and the exterior of his vehicle was checked. Marijuana, narcotic paraphernalia, cash and a small scale were located in the vehicle. The 53-year-old was arrested for felony “Possession of a Controlled Substance in a Park.”

1 Citation Issued for Possession of Marijuana & Possession of Narcotic Paraphernalia

Driving Under Influence of Alcohol/Drugs

Crooks & Kirts, 6/17/13, 9:08 pm:  Troy Officers were dispatched to an injury accident in which one vehicle had rear-ended another. Officers spoke with the driver who was at-fault in the accident while he was in an ambulance being treated for minor injuries. He had slow/slurred speech and when asked where he thought he was, he replied “if I had to guess I’d say an elevator.” An opioid medication was found in his vehicle and he confirmed he had a prescription for the medication. A blood test was administered at the hospital and an “Operating under the Influence of Drugs” charge is pending. A passenger in the vehicle which was struck sustained minor injuries.

McDonald’s, 4819 Rochester, 6/20/13, 11:35 pm:  Troy Officers were dispatched on a report a highly intoxicated woman had just left the business. Reportedly, a customer was in the parking lot with the woman trying to keep her from driving. Officers arrived and located the woman and her vehicle, which was parked partially on the sidewalk. The McDonald’s manager told officers the woman had the car running and was ready to drive away when a concerned citizen convinced her to turn the car off and remove the keys from the ignition. The driver smelled strongly of intoxicants, had poor motor skills and glassy/bloodshot eyes. The 55-year-old Roseville resident failed sobriety tests and was arrested for “Operating While Intoxicated.” Breath test results were .13%.

Livernois & E Big Beaver, 6/21/13, 11:54 pm: Troy Officer stopped a vehicle in which he observed swerving within its lane, tailgating other vehicles and traveling at 72 miles-per-hour in a 45 mile-per-hour zone. The driver smelled strongly of intoxicants and had bloodshot eyes. The 45-year-old Troy male had poor balance and failed sobriety tests. He was arrested for “Operating While Intoxicated,” breath test results were .17%.

Livernois & Park, 6/22/13, 11:01 am:  A Troy Officer was dispatched to the area when a citizen reported a suspected drunk driver whose vehicle was weaving in and out of its lane of travel and had struck a curb. The officer located and stopped the suspect vehicle. The driver, a 60-year-old Madison Heights man, smelled strongly of intoxicants and had glossy and somewhat red eyes. He failed all six sobriety tests and was arrested for “Operating While Intoxicated.” A blood test was administered and results are pending.

I-75 & E Maple, 6/22/13, 11:16 pm: A Troy Officer stopped a vehicle in which he observed weaving and driving onto the right shoulder. The driver smelled of intoxicants and had bloodshot/watery eyes. The 26-year-old Pontiac man was unable to correctly recite the alphabet despite several attempts and failed additional sobriety tests. He was arrested for “Operating While Intoxicated” and breath test results were .15%.

I-75 & Rochester, 6/23/13, 3:19 am:xx-75 & W Fourteen Mile, 4/10/13, 12:17 am: Troy Officers stopped a vehicle in which they observed driving erratically. Officers made contact with the driver and noted she smelled of intoxicants, had slurred speech and seemed confused. The 22-year-old Troy woman failed sobriety tests and was arrested for “Operating While Intoxicated.” Breath test results were .17%.


Macy’s, 2750 W Big Beaver, 6/22/13, 9:30 pm: Troy Officers arrested a 24-year-old Royal Oak woman for “Embezzlement” after an investigation revealed when a customer paid for a purchase with a $100 bill, she gave the customer their change, but placed the $100 bill in her left pant pocket. She also admitted to stealing a pair of blue Givenchy earrings and a box of Godiva chocolates.

Home Invasions

2000 block of Kirkton, 6/18/13, 5:21 pm: Troy Officers made contact with a teen that they had observed running through the yards of several homes. The male immediately confessed to the officers that his friend had broken into a home and was still inside. Officers then saw a female running through yards. They found her hiding behind bushes in the yard of a home and detained her. Troy Dispatch advised the officers that they had just received a 911 call from a homeowner who stated that two subjects had broken into his home. An investigation revealed that the teens entered the home and the female stole several items before being confronted by the homeowner. They had entered the home through an unlocked, but closed, door. Both teens had consumed substantial amounts of alcohol prior to the incident. The 18 year-old female and 16 year-old male, both Troy residents, were arrested for “Home Invasion” and “Minor Possessing or Consuming Alcohol”.


1000 block of Amberwood, 6/18/13, 8am – 7pm:  The complainant left his home, which is under construction, at 8:00 am. When he returned at 7:00 pm, he discovered the front door had been pried open and several power tools had been stolen from the attached garage.

2000 block of Warwick, 6/24/13 – 6/25/13, 9pm – 6:30am: Complainant reports her garage was entered and unknown number of tools were stolen. Complainant also advised her 2002 Chrysler Town & Country was parked in the driveway overnight and was broken into by smashing the passenger side window where $35.00 in cash was stolen from the glove box.

30000 block of Dequindre, 6/23/13 – 6/24-13, 11pm – 7am:  The complainant stated his unlocked garage was entered overnight and his weed trimmer and compressor were stolen.


Lifetime Fitness, 4700 Investment, 6/17/13, 10:45 pm – 11:30 pm: Complainant reports he left his iPhone next to the basketball court while he played ball.  About 45 minutes later he noticed it was missing.

Wilshire Plaza North, 900 Wilshire, 6/18/13, 4:26 pm: The complainant had his iPhone listed for sale on Craigslist. He received a phone call from a male who was interested in purchasing the phone and the two made arrangements to meet at the complainant’s place of employment. The complainant met the male in the parking lot of the business. The male was the passenger in a vehicle driven by a female. When the complainant handed the phone to the male for inspection, the female drove off.

LA Fitness, 710 E Big Beaver, 6/17/13, 8pm – 9pm: Complainant reports she left her gym bag at the back of the classroom while attending a yoga session. She later discovered her driver’s license and a credit card were missing from the bag. The credit card was used to make fraudulent purchases at Great Lakes Crossing in Auburn Hills, as well as at two Pontiac gas stations.

LA Fitness, 710 E Big Beaver, 6/20/13, 4:30 pm – 7:45 pm:  When the complainant returned to the locker room after his workout, he discovered the lock had been removed from his locker and his wallet, cell phone and two pairs of athletic shoes had been stolen.

Troy Community Center, 3179 Livernois, 6/21/13, 8pm – 9pm:,The complainant reports placing his backpack in a locker and securing the locker with a lock. An hour later, the lock was off the locker and the complainant’s backpack was missing. The backpack contained the complainant’s driver’s license, car keys, two iPhones and some clothing.

2000 block of Charter, 6/21/13, 10:08 pm: Complainant reports he left his bicycle unlocked in front of his residence. The complainant looked out a window and saw a male near his bike. The complainant states the male looked right at him and then took off with his bike. The bike is a men’s red and black Huffy mountain bike. The suspect was described only as a black male in his teens.

C3000 block of Roxbury, 6/24/13 – 6/25/13, 11pm – 6am: Troy Officers responded to a larceny complaint. Complainant reports his garage was entered through an unlocked door, nothing was stolen from the garage. Complainant also states his 1999 Jamboree motor home was entered through an unlocked door where $15.00 in change was stolen.

Apple Store, 2800 W Big Beaver, 6/24/13, 2pm: The complainant reports she placed her purse on the counter at the store and looked away, when she looked back her purse was gone. The purse was later recovered at a Troy gas station in the trash with cash and a gift card missing.


Larcenies from Autos

Marriott Hotel, 200 W Big Beaver, 6/20/13, 9am – 5:30pm:  The passenger side front window was shattered on an employee’s Jeep Liberty. The employee’s purse, containing her wallet, cash, debit/credit cards, drivers license and social security card, had been stolen.

2000 block of Mayfair, 6/24/13 – 6/24/13, 11pm – 6:30am:   Complainant stated his 2012 Toyota was parked overnight in the driveway locked. Complainant discovered the passenger side window smashed and 2 iPod touch MP3 players were stolen.

Brookfield Academy, 3950 Livernois, 6/24/13, 8:45 am:  Complainant stated she dropped her child off for camp and when she returned to her vehicle the passenger window on her 2006 BMW was smashed and her purse and contents were stolen. 

300 block of Starr, 6/23/13 – 6/24/13, 9pm – 8:15am: Complainant stated his 2003 Dodge Pick-up was parked in the driveway overnight, when he returned to his vehicle in the morning he discovered his rear passenger window smashed out. Items stolen included cash, tools and GPS units.   


Malicious Destruction of Property


Troy Market Place, Rochester & E Big Beaver, 6/22/13, 3:20 – 3:30 pm: The front passenger side window on the complainant’s Dodge Journey was smashed while the vehicle was parked in the lot. Nothing appears to have been stolen.

2000 block of Camelot, 6/25/13 – 6/26/13, 7:30 pm – 5:50 am:  Complainant reports the passenger side front window was smashed out of wife’s Ford Fusion while parked in the driveway. Nothing was stolen.

Wal-Mart, 2001 W Maple, 6/25/13, 2:00 pm – 2:15 pm: The Complainant states her 2012 Jeep was “keyed” while she shopped.

90 W Square Lake, 6/21/13 – 6/24/13, 4:00 pm – 9:30 am: The complainant states when returned to work he discovered graffiti on the wall of the parking lot.  The graffiti extended 30 feet. Estimated cost to have graffiti removed $6,000.

1000 block of Villa Park, 6/23/13 – 6/24/13, 10:30pm – 1pm: The Complainant stated her 2004 Hyundai was damaged with an obscenity scratched on the hood of the vehicle.


Minors and Alcohol


5000 block of Rosebrook, 6/25/13, 12:41 am: Troy officers responded to residence after complainant reported a male trying to break into her home. Officers located the suspected in front of the home. The 18-year-old Clinton Township resident was crying and appeared to be highly intoxicated. Suspect stated he attended the Detroit fireworks and was dropped in the subdivision by friends. Suspect thought she was in Sterling Heights. The suspect was issued a citation for “Minor in possession” and transported home by officers.

Buscemis, 3176 Rochester, 6/25/13, 12:34 am: The Officers observed a male attempting to urinate behind the building. Suspect admitted he had been drinking. Officers issued the 17-year-old Rochester resident a citation for “Minor in Possession and Open Intoxicants.”

Buscemis, 3176 Rochester, 6/25/13, 12:34 am: The Officers observed a male attempting to urinate behind the building. Suspect admitted he had been drinking. Officers issued the 17-year-old Rochester resident a citation for “Minor in Possession and Open Intoxicants.”

Neighbor Troubles

Troy Officers responded to one incident involving a neighbor trouble in which there was no reason for formal enforcement action.


Troy Officers responded to eight hospice deaths during the time period covered by this report.

Phone Calls/Harassment/Threats

2 harassing or threatening telephone call/text message reports

1 Threat report

1 Stalking Report

Retail Fraud


Macy’s, 500 W Fourteen Mile, 6/17/13, 11:59 am: A 45-year-old Orion woman and her 21-year-old daughter were arrested for “Retail Fraud III.” Loss Prevention reports the two selected several articles of clothing and entered the same fitting room. When they exited the fitting room three pieces of merchandise were missing. They were stopped by Loss Prevention and the clothing was recovered from the daughter’s purse.

Sears, 300 W Fourteen Mile, 6/17/13, 3:50 pm:A 26-year-old Detroit woman concealed two bottles of perfume and several articles of clothing in her purse. She was detained when she left the store without purchasing the merchandise. A Troy Officer arrived on the scene. He found marijuana in her purse and issued the woman a citation for “Retail Fraud III” and “Possession of Marijuana.”

Macy’s, 2750 W Big Beaver, 6/17/13, 6:48 pm:  Troy Officers arrested a 49-year-old Dearborn man for “Retail Fraud II.” He shoplifted three belts, a pair of shorts and two hats.

Kohl’s, 500 John R, 6/17/13, 8:40 pm: Troy Officers issued citations for “Retail Fraud III” to two Madison Heights women, ages 19 and 21. Loss Prevention reports the women had shoplifted clothing which they concealed in their purses.

Kohl’s, 1265 Coolidge, 6/18/13, 3:19 pm: Nordstrom, 2850 W Big Beaver, 4/5/13, 8:08 pm:  Troy Officers issued citations for “Retail Fraud III” to a 20-year-old Fraser woman and a 26-year-old Warren woman after the two fraudulently returned merchandise and then used the merchandise voucher they received to purchase other items. Loss Prevention reports the women shoplifted a mattress pad and some fragrance which they took to Customer Service and “returned” without a receipt. They received a merchandise voucher for $117 which they fraudulently used to purchase other items. Both women had their children with them at the time of the incident.

Walmart, 2001 W Maple, 6/19/13, 3:08 pm: Loss Prevention observed a man conceal several packages of razor blades in his shorts pocket. After he began to exit the building without paying for the merchandise he was apprehended by Loss Prevention and taken to the Loss Prevention Office. Once the 27-year-old Fraser resident realized the police were being called he attempted to escape from the office. Two Loss Prevention Officers sustained minor injuries in the scuffle. Troy Officers arrested the suspect for “Retail Fraud II” and “2 counts of Assault and Battery.” He has a lengthy criminal history.

JCPenney, 700 W Fourteen Mile, 6/19/13, 7:55 pm:  A 19-year-old Troy woman was issued a citation for “Retail Fraud III.” She shoplifted four tops and one pair of shorts, all of which she concealed in her purse.

Nordstrom, 2850 W Big Beaver, 6/21/13, 11:13 am:Kohl’s, 1265 Coolidge Hwy, 4/7/13, 5:32 pm:  Troy Officers issued a citation for “Retail Fraud” to a 30-year-old Birmingham woman who shoplifted three dresses and concealed them in her purse. The woman told officers that she shoplifted the dresses to resell for cash.

Nordstrom, 2850 W Big Beaver, 6/21/13, 7:07 pm: A 16-year-old Troy female was detained after shoplifting six articles of clothing with a retail value of $235. The merchandise was recovered from her purse along with 35 other items stolen from Victoria’s Secret and Sephora. She was turned over to a parent and will be petitioned to Oakland County Probate Court.

JCPenney, 700 W Fourteen Mile, 6/22/13, 4:12 pm: Troy Officers issued a citation for “Retail Fraud” to a 22-year-old Rochester Hills male. He shoplifted three pairs of shoes. One pair he put on his feet and wore out of the store, the other two he concealed in a bag. The total retail value of the stolen merchandise was $240.

Kohl’s, 500 John R, 6/23/13, 7:30 pm:  Troy Officers issued a citation for “Retail Fraud III” to a 20-year-old Troy woman. She shoplifted a purse, a dress and three belts. The merchandise was concealed in her purse.

Suspicious Incidents


1000 block of Picadilly, 6/24/13, 12:32 am:  Complainant reports she initially heard a noise coming from the living room area of her home. When she looked outside she saw a male, dressed in dark clothing, crouching by one of the home’s back windows. Officers checked the area but were unable to locate the suspect.


2000 block of Lovington, 6/24/13, 2:53 am:  Complainant awoke to find a young male standing in her bedroom. The boy asked if he could stay in her house, explaining that he needed a place to stay. The complainant escorted the boy out of her home. She describes him as a black male, approximately 12-years-old, 5 feet tall and 100 pounds. He was wearing white surfer type shorts. The complainant states he entered the home through the rear door which she had left unlocked after letting her dog out.



McDonald’s, 70 W Maple, 6/19/13, 12:07 am:  The complainant called police after her daughter had a $10 bill confiscated at the drive-thru window due to McDonald’s personnel determining the bill was counterfeit. Officers arrived and spoke with the store manager who confirmed they had received the counterfeit bill for payment at the drive-thru window. The complainant states she had been given the bill as change after paying for a meal at a Clawson restaurant. She gave the bill to her teenage daughter to purchase food at McDonald’s. Officers inspected the bill and confirmed it was counterfeit.

I-75 & W Big Beaver, 6/22/13, 11:29 pm:  Troy Officers met the complainant at Crooks and Corporate reference a hit and run accident. The complainant reports a vehicle in the lane next to her swerved and hit the guardrail. The vehicle then served into the complainant’s lane and hit her vehicle. The vehicle failed to stop following the accident. Officers learned following the accident the suspect vehicle was stopped in a neighboring jurisdiction by Oakland County Deputies and the driver was arrested for operating while intoxicated and open intoxicants in a motor vehicle. Troy Officer issued the driver, a 25-year-old Rochester man, a citation for “Failure to Stop and Identify at an Accident” and “Driving without Due Care and Caution.”

Welfare Checks

Troy Officers responded to 6 incidents involving persons with emotional or psychological issues and assisted with transport to a hospital for evaluation and possible commitment.

Arrest Summary

In addition to those outlined above, the following arrests were made during the period:

2 Felony Warrant Arrests

9 Misdemeanor Warrant Arrests

1 Misdemeanor Warrant Arrest (Failure to Appear on a Trespassing charge)

1 arrest for Driving While License Suspended, 1 Felony Warrant and 3 Misdemeanor Warrants

11 arrests for Driving While License Suspended

3 arrests for Possession of Marijuana

1 arrest for Driving without having Obtained a Driver’s License

1 arrest for Driving While License Suspended and four Misdemeanor Warrants

1 arrest for 2 Misdemeanor Warrants and 6 Traffic Warrants

1 driving while license suspended and possession of marijuana arrest

1 driving while license suspended, possession of marijuana and violation of child restraint

1 driving while license suspended and hinder and obstruct police by false identification

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