Porch Fire on Ardmore Reminder of Smoking Risk

Porch Fire on Ardmore Reminder of Smoking RiskJudyPalmer01

(C. Proxmire, May 7, 2013)

A quick response from Ferndale Police and Fire prevented a small porch fire on Ardmore from getting out of control.  The fire was caused by a cigarette that had been put into a standing ash tray.

A police officer arrived first on the scene and used a portable extinguisher to quell the flames.

“Had the police officer not put it out with an extinguisher it could have been much worse damage wise, nicholas-schrock-allstateeven with us arriving 1 to 2 minutes behind PD,” said Fire Chief Kevin Sullivan. “Fires can double in size every 11 seconds.”

The porch is charred, with damage to the floor and a bench.  Plus siding on the house melted.

Sullivan said that putting butts into a plastic container is not enough, because they can burn through the plastic and the melted plastic can then act like a fuel.  “If you’re going to discard into plastic, put a little bit of water in it to make sure the cigarette is all the way out,” he said.

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