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(C. Proxmire, May 2, 2013)

Scores of fans will gather at the Ferndale High School football field on June 8, not to cheer their beloved Eagles on to victory, but in hopes that a cow will defecate in a lucky place.

It’s all part of the Moo Poo fundraiser put on for the Ferndale Football Program to help send team members to camp.  Police Chief Timothy Collins, who is also a parent and an active volunteer, helps organize the event each year.

New Harvest Homes NHHHere’s how it works:

The practice football field is divided into 1500 two yard by two yard plots.  You may buy a deed to a plot (commonly referred to as a Poo Plot.) for just $10.

The specific area of where your Poo Plot is, will be determined a few days prior to the event on June 8th, and is done randomly by computer.

On June 8th a cow or two cows will be placed on the field between the hours of noon and 1 pm. (this is the Moo part)

During that hour, if one of the cows defecate on your assigned Poo Plot, you win $1000.00 (this is the Poo part)

Hopefully there will be three poo’s, the second poo is worth $500.00 and the third poo is worth $250.00.

There is even a chart on the back of the Moo Poo deed, explaining that a poo must be at least three JudyPalmer01inches in diameter.  Any cow waste less than three inches is considered “spalatlette” and does not count for a prize.

If no poo’s occur, all three prizes will be awarded by a random lottery pull of the tickets….but all three prizes will be awarded by poo’s, lottery or a combination thereof.

Those who are not  “moo”ved by the Moo Poo might prefer to come to another fundraiser on May 11.  From 12-4 The Dodge Booster Club program will be at Ferndale High School.  There people can take free test drives of Dodge vehicles, and for every test drive Dodge will give the team $20.

Purchase a Moo Poo deed from students or parents involved in the football program, or contact Chief Collins at 248-867-0063.

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