Police Report: Carjacking Suspect and Knife Assault Suspect Wanted

Police Report: Carjacking Suspect and Knife Assault Suspect Wanteddinos02sidelogo

(Lt. William Wilson, Ferndale Police Department, April 19, 2013)

130003383 CARJACKINGS:

UPDATE:  The suspected carjacker has been arrested in Hazel Park.  According to police, Hazel Park police chased the driver after an armed robbery.  The driver fled in the stolen SUV, crashed it, and was arrested.

On Thursday, 04/18/13, Ferndale had a series of attempted carjackings followed by an successful carjacking that occurred on Wordsworth Street. The criminal attacks started shortly after police responded to a hit and run accident that happened on the 500 block of Academy; the vehicle involved in the accident was stolen in a carjacking in Detroit and later found abandoned on Wordsworth (where the successful theft took place).

The accident was reported at about 9:11 p.m.  At 9:44 a series 911 calls alerted police to attempted carjackings taking place in the neighborhood near the reported accident. The description of the robber matched in all of the crimes.

The first attempt happened on the 500 block of Silman where two men were pulling into their driveway. The suspect began banging on the driver’s window and yelling for the driver to get out of the car. The would be robber opened the door and grabbed the driver who pushed off the assailant and escaped by driving away.

Shortly after police responded to the State Fair Market on Hilton where the suspect made two separate attempts to steal cars from their owners. He first approached a man in a Trail Blazer and New Harvest Homes NHHunsuccessfully tried to steal the vehicle from him. He then approached another man who was leaving the store after making a purchase. He heard a man from a Trailblazer yelling at him to be careful of a person who had just tried to carjack him. This next victim then saw the robber standing in front of him. The suspect demanded his keys and the victim refused and pushed the suspect away. The suspect then hit the victim in the head with a brown paper bag he was holding. The victim said when the bag hit him, he heard breaking glass. He suffered a laceration to his head. The suspect then fled on foot.

While police were searching the area for the suspect, the suspect approached a man after he and his son pulled their Subaru into their drive and parked. The suspect stuck an object into the man’s chest and demanded the keys which the victim turned over to him. The suspect then fled westbound on Wordsworth.

SUSPECT DESCRIPTION: B/M, 25-35 yrs, clean shaven, short hair or bald, wearing a dark hoody and carrying a brown or tan satchel.

STOLEN VEHICLE: Red, 2002, Subaru Impreza station wagon. Plate: BVM 6456

Anybody with information should call the Ferndale Police 248-541-3650.

130002895 KNIFE ASSAULTraylon-leaks-may-thank-you

On 04/04/13 at about 1:14 a.m. a 20 year old man was assaulted by a w/m suspect in the Mobile gas station located at Woodward / Ardmore. The victim reported that he was walking n.b. on Woodward after getting off a bus at State Fair. He said he was walking behind the suspect who spun around, pulled out a knife, and asked if the victim was trying to rob him. The victim tried to ignore the threatening man and continued walking. The suspect followed him and continued to yell and threaten him.

The victim then went into the gas station store. The suspect followed him in and pulled a knife on the suspect. The victim ran around the store to escape his attacker. The clerk phoned the police, but the suspect left before police arrived.

The suspect is a w/m with light brown hair with a beard and mustache  (pictures attached). Video of the incident is available.

Ferndale Police would like anybody who can identify the suspect to notify them at 248-541-3650.

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On April 27, 2013 from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Ferndale Police will be taking old prescription drugs from people who would like to safely dispose of them. The collection will take place in the front lobby of the police department located at 310 E. 9 Mile, Ferndale MI.

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