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(Crystal Proxmire, Jan. 8, 2013)

Candles, crystals and incense can do more than decorate your home.  They can help you create an environment for concentration or relaxation, and they can even help you direct positive energy towards the goals and dreams you attach to them.

Jacki Smith owner of Coventry Creations and The Candle Wick Shop has spent years helping others use these tools to create the type of energy desired.

To help people understand these tools and rejuvenate their focus on their New Year’s Resolutions, Smith and others at Candle Wick Shop and The Boston Tea Room will be hosting a Resolution Revolution Day on Jan. 24 from 6pm to 9pm.  Stop in any time during those hours and share your resolutionsHowesLocation from others, and talk with staff about which candles, crystals, or incense might help you attain your goals.  Both stores will have special New Year kits available too.

The Ferndale 115 News asked Smith some questions to help people better understand what the event has to offer:

115:  Why should people consider using candles to help them with their resolutions?
Jacki Smith: When your resolve and will power buts up against your fears and bad habits, spiritual tools can not only help you get through your blocks, but help you understand why they are there so you can finally clear them from your life.

115:What are the most common candles people buy for the new year?
Jacki Smith: Most issues people want to conquer are money and health. Prosperity candles sell all year round but in the New Year we sell a lot of spiritual clearing, willpower and health products.

115:  What other candles might you recommend for someone in the new year?sidebar016grow
Jacki Smith:  Come on in to the Candle Wick Shop and use our Coventry Magic Oracle to find out what candles, crystals and other tools will help you achieve your goals in 2013.

115:  How much does someone need to think about their resolution in order to make it happen? Should they set a certain time aside to work on it?
Jacki Smith:  When you want to master anything you have to practice, practice, practice. When you want to achieve a goal you have to focus on it and do something every day to work towards it.

115:  How do you know that candles and crystals work? Can you give any examples from your own life?
Jacki Smith:  I have 20+ years’ worth of stories about how tools that enhance your intention work. Most recently I have been working on my own health and weight issues. As I work on it, meditate and face my own fears with the help of the candles and crystals that I work with I have lost 20# to date. It’s not perfect, I have done a little back sliding but instead of giving up, I am breaking through the latest block.

115:  What is your resolution for 2013?
Jacki Smith:  I don’t make resolutions or vows. When you make a resolution all the energy for the goal goes into the actual moment you make the resolution and there is little left for carrying it through. Instead I set goal bubble_and_bark_ad_ferndale115earlier in the year and when the New Year hits I look at the viability of the goal and all the baby steps I need to take to get there. It is a collection of small shifts that will get me there.

115:  Is there a charge for the class?
Jacki Smith:  There is no charge for this event. We have kits to help you focus and accomplish your goals.

115:   What makes your candles unique?
Jacki Smith:  Coventry Candles are unique because we take all the steps for you to make it magical, all you have to do is add your intention. (Editor’s note:  They’re also made in Ferndale!)

115: How long has Candle Wick Shop been there?
Jacki Smith:  Candle Wick Shop has been in Ferndale since 2007, we are the second owners

115:  How long has Coventry Creations been around?
Jacki Smith: Coventry was founded in 1992, we just celebrated our 20th year in business

Can’t make it in the store that night? The experts are working up an online component as well. Also check out all month long as hosts Jacki and Storm take on their own “Resolution Revolution” topics all month.  Also learn more at

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