End of Prohibition Party Got Jugs Full of Money for Charity

End of Prohibition Party Got Jugs Full of Money for Charity

(C. Proxmire, Dec. 8, 2012)

Ferndale’s bar patrons stepped up this year, with $1,355.08 put into moonshine jugs for the annual End of Prohibition Party to be donated to the Ferndale Goodfellows.  Overall, with sponsorship money and a Community Foundation grant included, the event raised $2,749.56.

The Dec. 1st event took place at several Ferndale bars, with volunteers dressed up in 1920s and 30s garb in remembrance of the years when the nation saw a ban on alcohol, known as Prohibition.  History showed that Prohibition was not effective, as underground clubs and black market booze flourished.  Gangsters and rum runners profited while alcohol of sometimes questionable quality was served in secret clubs called speakeasies.  Corruption was rampant and communities missed out on the tax dollars to be made from the industry.  The 18th Amendment had ushered in the ban, and on Dec. 5, 1933 the 21st Amendment repealed it.

The repeal is celebrated in Ferndale with the End of Prohibition Party, bringing together several of the businesses which now profit from the freedom to consume adult beverages.  This year Tony’s, New Way Bar, Valentine Vodka, Howe’s Bayou, Danny’s Pub, Dino’s Lounge and Sneakers all took part in the fun. Bartenders and volunteers dressed up and posed for pictures with a toy Tommy gun, also popular in the prohibition era.

The money raised goes to the Ferndale Goodfellows, a longstanding organization that helps needy families in Ferndale at Christmastime.  Organized through the Ferndale Fire Department, gifts are collected or purchased for children, including toys and clothing.  Families are given food, and Seniors are also presented with presents by the firemen.

Donations for Goodfellows will be collected right up until Christmas, and can be dropped off at Just 4 Us at 211 W. 9 Mile Road.  Collections going forward will be used towards next year.  Anyone with questions about the program can contact the Ferndale Fire Department at (248) 546-2510.

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