Election Results

Election Results are In

(C. Proxmire, Nov. 7, 2012)

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The 2012 election is over and here’s how things went down, bearing in mind that the results are unofficial until certified.

President Barack Obama was re-elected.  Here in Ferndale he received 75.52% of the vote (7811 votes).  Republican candidate Mitt Romney got 21.84% (2259 votes). Green Party candidate Jill Stein got 1.21% (125 votes).  Nationally numbers are still coming in, but the American people seem to have spoken loudly in support of giving the incumbent four more years.

For US Senator, Democratic Incumbent Debbie Stabenow got 76.18% of the vote in Ferndale.  In Oakland County she got over 100,000 more votes than her Republican opponent Pete Hoekstra, with a 57.42% to 39.42% victory.  Statewide Stabenow got 1,952,953 and Hoekstra got 1,502,282.

modern taxDemocrat Sander Levin will continue to represent the 9th Congressional District. In Ferndale he got 76.06% of the vote.  Levin had 7,624 votes in Ferndale.  Republican Don Volaric had 1,785.  Libertarian Jim Fulner had 291 and Green Party candidate Julia Williams had 269.  Statewide, Levin got 208,834 and Volaric got 114,746.  Fulner got 6,100, Williams got 4,706 and US Taxpayers candidate Les Townsend got 2,902.

For State Representative of the 27th District, Democratic incumbent Ellen Cogen Lipton got 75.20% of the vote.  Republican Ezra Drissman got 18.69%.  District-wide Lipton won with 34,394 votes.  Drissman got 9,253.  Libertarian candidate John Wierzbicki got just 39 votes in Ferndale, but District-wide got 1,841.

At the County level, L. Brooks Patterson has been re-elected. Democrat Andy Meisner remains the Treasurer.  Jessica Cooper remains the Prosecuting Attorney and Michael Bouchard remains Sheriff.

Democrat Lisa Brown beat Republican Bill Bullard for the County Clerk position, with 53.58% to 46.35% victory.

Democrat Jim Nash won over Republican John P. McCulloch for County Water Resources Commissioner.

For the newly created 18th District, Democrat Helaine Zack got 78.31%  of the vote overall, while Republican opponent Steven Zimberg got 20.78%.

Here in Ferndale, the School Board race was won by all four of the candidates on the BOLD slate, which was endorsed by the members of the CLEAR Political Action Committee.  The final votes broke down as follows, with winners indicated by the plus sign (+)

+Amy Butters 3,450 – 18.58%

+Jim O’Donnell 3,402 – 18.32%

+Kevin Deegan-Krause 2,873 – 15.48%

+Raylon Leaks-May 2,712 – 14.61%


Katrina Collins 2,049 – 11.04%

Bradford Parks 1,366 – 7.36%

Keith Warnick 1,360 – 7.33%

Jim Pfleger 1,229 – 6.62%

Hazel Park Schools also had an election.   Ricky D. Nagy  and Sue Vance-Hemple won.  Nagy got 29.67% of the vote and Vance-Hemple got 27.80%.  Those who did not make it were Ryan Cook with 21.04% and Ronald Bateman with 19.05%.

There are several places where one can get more detailed election information.  Find out more at:

City of Ferndale Election Results (keep in mind this shows only Ferndale’s numbers, not the entire vote for offices that extend beyond Ferndale) – http://www.ferndale-mi.com/Services/Elections/ElectionResults_121106.pdf

Oakland County Election Results – http://results.enr.clarityelections.com/MI/Oakland/43747/110709/en/summary.html

State of Michigan Election Results –


National results and political information with less corporate spin –


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