FESC’s Green Tips for December

FESC’s Green Tips for December

(Crystal A. Proxmire, 12/14/2011)

Former Ferndale Mayor and current County Commissioner Craig Covey delivered the Ferndale Environmental Sustainability Commission’s (FESC) Green Tips to the public and City Council on Dec. 12, 2011.

The FESC recommends:

  1.  ~Don’t use plastic trees, especially those made in China or other far-off places. They could be made with toxins and the shipping process causes unnecessary stress to the environment and use of limited fossil fuels.
  2. ~Use natural decorations, not plastic. Re-use paper for wrapping and don’t buy metallic papers that cannot be recycled.  Re-use boxes and bows every year.
  3. ~When buying gifts, support the local economy and save transportation waste by buying locally.
  4. ~If you’re going to use holiday lights, get the LED ones. They use less electricity and they are safer because they generate less heat.

The FESC is tasked with helping Ferndale with ecological issues, including advising in matters of waste collection, energy efficiency and environmentally sound practices.  They hold regular Green Tuesday educational events at the Ferndale Library, and they give monthly tips to Council.  They were recently noted for their work in communicating how recycling can save the City money.

Find out more about the FESC at https://www.facebook.com/FESC48220.

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