Two Mayors in a Row Have Homes Broken Into

Two Mayors in a Row Have Homes Broken Into

(Crystal A. Proxmire, 10/9/2011)

As if the string of coincidences in Dave Coulter’s life with those of former Mayor Craig Covey’s are not enough, the current Mayor can now add the unsettling experience of  being victim of a home invasion to the list.  Covey was burglarized just over two years ago when he was serving as Mayor, and Coulter’s home was similarly trespassed upon last week.

Coulter and his partner were not home on the afternoon of Thursday, Oct. 6 when someone broke in through the front door and stole personal property from their home on Leroy Street. There are no obvious suspects, though Police collected evidence and are investigating.

“I really appreciate the quick action of our police,” Coulter said.  “I still believe Ferndale is a safe community, but obviously these things can happen.  Nobody was home, so I’ll replace the lost items and be grateful nobody was hurt.”

Coulter said Sunday there have not been any more updates on the investigation.  If anyone has information they are encouraged to contact the Ferndale Police at (248) 541-3650.

On April 17, 2009 Covey, who was Mayor at the time, had his home burglarized while he slept with a fan going in his bedroom.

The thief  entered through an unlocked door, took jewelry and stole Covey’s vehicle.  Shortly after the burglary Damion Butler shot a man in Hamtramck and was eventually convicted of second degree murder.  Butler’s fingerprints matched those found on Covey’s jewelry box, and the man was also convicted in Oakland County for stealing the car and breaking into Covey’s home. (The Ferndale 115 News story on this was lost when we upgraded our site, however here is a link to Covey’s blog on the matter).  Butler is currently locked up on several convictions, with the murder charge carrying a minimum of 40 years.

“This highly publicized burglary threw my life into turmoil for weeks, and caused stress and anxiety not just for me and my friends and neighbors, but for all the residents of Ferndale,” Covey wrote of the experience.  “While home invasions in Ferndale are according to police reportedly rare, I want to say that no one should have to feel vulnerable from such a crime. I have nothing but praise for the Ferndale detectives and police officers who were professional and efficient in their diligent work.”

Home invasion numbers have remained relatively consistent; though up a bit in 2010.  According to the most recent annual report, there were 214 home invasions in 2006, 219 in 2007, 229 in 2008, 213 in 2009 and 249 in 2010.

Coulter has faith in the Ferndale Police, and says that the break-in is “not an indication of something worse.”

There is also nothing to suggest that the criminals in either situation realized they were attacking a city official’s house.

Apart from being victims of home invasion, Covey and Coulter have shared a peculiar number of similar Ferndale experiences, both in their personal lives and political careers.  Coulter had been the County Commissioner, but he resigned to run for higher office and Covey ran for his vacant Commission seat.  Because Covey won that election, he had to resign as Mayor.  The City Council then appointed Coulter to fill Covey’s Mayoral vacancy. Essentially they switched jobs at the beginning of 2011.

Both men are in their early 50s, similar build and features, and active in politics and the LGBT community.  Both have run AIDS awareness organizations. To read more about these two most recent Ferndale mayors and the coincidences- and differences – between them, see our previous article:

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