Ferndale TimeBank Update

Ferndale TimeBank Update:

DIY Volunteering Info & Sunday Potluck

(Heather Ignash, Ferndale TimeBank, 9/9/2011)


One of my favorite things about the DIY Street Fair is being a volunteer. Last year my husband and I were volunteers with the Ferndale Time Bank at the festival.  In the afternoon on Saturday and Sunday we manned the Information/First Aid Booth, directed festival goers to particular vendors or the porta-johns, signed in festival workers and helped vendors get things or people that they needed.  On Sunday morning, before the official start of the day, we helped with clean up from the night before and helped vendors set up. As a former smoker, I feel that I paid my karmic penance that morning for any and all cigarette butts that I had ever thoughtlessly discarded on the ground.


In addition to offering support to my favorite event of the year (to my surprise) I had loads of fun! I was able to meet folks from the community and be at the heart of all of the excitement and action. Perhaps the best perk was that I earned valuable hours in my time account and was able to use them in the subsequent months for various chores, tasks, favors and errands. I was even able to “staff” a brunch I hosted during the Dream Cruise with the help of two fellow timebankers. It was an excellent and easy way to be involved with the DIY, Time Bank, and most importantly my community.


I would encourage anyone who is interested in either the DIY Street Fair or joining the Ferndale Time Bank to look into volunteering during the event.

The next Time Bank event is a potluck being held on September 11, 2011, from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.  at the Ferndale Elks Lodge (you know you wonder what goes on in there) locate at: 22856 Woodward Ave.


For further information regarding the Ferndale Time Bank visit: ferndaletimebank.org or email: info@ferndaletimebank.org


In order to volunteer for the DIY please email: volunteer@diystreetfair.com





TimeBank: A Volunteer Experience

(Sherry Wells, Ferndale TimeBank, 9/96/2011)

“No, thank you,” Heather smiled proudly at her guests’ offers to assist. She waved towards two women in matching blue T-shirts, “I have TimeBank helpers!”

Heather had advertised for help with a brunch she planned for Dream Cruise Saturday. Adrienne and Kat responded and rode their bikes to “work.”

The women helped Heather set up. Then, as guests filled the rooms, Kat left for two hours, while Adrianne helped serve, then returned for clean-up, relieving Adrianne.

All three TimeBank members enjoyed the teamwork, as the photo shows.


Title photo credit: Sherry Wells


For more information on Ferndale TimeBank go to www.ferndaletimebank.org.

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