Clean Up Continues as we Share Best of Storm Pics

Clean Up Continues as we Share Best Storm Pics

(C. Proxmire, The Ferndale 115 News Wire, 5/9/2011)

Rain is hindering cleanup of what DPW Director Byron Photiades is calling the worst storm since 1979.  Saturday night strong winds and thunderstorms ripped through the area, destroying trees and knocking out power to much of the city.  According to the DTE Website, power is still out in patches of Ferndale due to downed lines, including several blocks around Hyland Street in the Northwest side of town.

Photiades orchestrates the work of DPW crew and contractors as they try to get the city clean so cars and people have room to move around, and electrical workers can get to the areas they need to reach.

“For now, we have one-third of our DPW performing storm-damage cleanup – chipping brush, picking up brush, trimming damaged city trees, and removing city and private trees over the public right-of-way during the regular work day and on overtime. Additionally, we are working through SOCRRA to have its chipping contractor for Ferndale provide additional equipment and trucks, and will have our tree contractor in today to begin trimming and removing damaged trees,” Photiades said.

“The storm is the worst one since the April 8, 1979, major ice storm that swept through metro Detroit, downing utility lines and causing extensive damage to commercial and residential properties. That storm took three months to cleanup. We hope to have our cleanup substantially done in two weeks. However, that depends on how much more brush is put out a second time.”

He said that damage was worst in the Northeast section of town, especially east of Hilton.  Second worst was the far Northwest, particularly West Oakridge Street west of Pinecrest.


This is where we will be accumulating the “Best of” pictures from the storm damage.  If you have a photo you’d like us to consider, please send it to

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