(City Council 2011) Sherry Wells

Name:  Sherry A Wells

Age: 64

Position Running For: Council Member

Campaign Website: www.sherryawells.net

Facebook Page: Sherry A Wells


Prior Political Offices, Boards, Commissions etc:

Elected to Ferndale Charter Revision Commission  1997-2000; chaired it the first 2 years. Downtown Development Authority—I have been attending board meetings for over a year and have been on its parking committee for a year.


How else are you involved in the community?

I have volunteered extensively all of my adult life. In Ferndale, I initiated several historical and environmental activities—grants and events for planting trees and         native wildflowers. I enlisted the Recreation Dept. to hold kite day and, in 2007,    Ferndale’s 80th Birthday Party. I have frequently volunteered in downtown events, and often in the schools during, and after,  my daughter attended. I am active in the Ferndale Rotary and Chamber of Commerce. For 5 years, I wrote about legal matters, recycling and more for Ferndale Friends. Citizens for a Fair Ferndale honored me in 2010 for community involvement.


Why should people vote for you?

I will be responsive when people bring their concerns to council. I will listen, advocate and inform. I will work for a balance between government, businesses and residents; I will work to keep Ferndale financially accountable and environmentally sustainable.


Why have you chosen to run for this office?

We need council members who will listen, advocate and inform constituents; who will work for balance between government, businesses and residents; who will keep Ferndale financially accountable and environmentally sustainable.


Is there any issue or vote that you disagree with that Council has made?  Why? What would you do differently?

I am not a single issue candidate. Having said that, I found the way the residents’ noise concerns were handled by the council to be disturbing. What should have taken weeks to do instead took 2 years. I would have visited the sites and talked with  residents and businesses. Instead of forcing citizens to institute the petition process, I would have proposed amending the ordinance.



What key qualifications do you bring to the job?

I have communication skills developed as an attorney, public speaker and writer. I have lived in Ferndale for 23 years and been a business owner for 33 years. I learned intimately the workings of the city as chair of the Ferndale Charter Revision Commission. I was the highest scorer on the exam for Ferndale city clerk in Fall, 2000.


An anecdote—a campaign fund, like tax revenue, is other people’s money. To make the most of it, my daughter and I, with permission, picked up 60 yard signs after the millage vote—the wires are not cheap. We also tried 4 methods of reusing the reverse of the signs for my campaign. Can’t win ‘em all ! But she will be gathering young adults to assemble the signs and save that cost.



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