Scuffle as Man Attempts to Take Police Officer’s Gun

Scuffle as Man Attempts to Take Police Officer’s Gun

(Detective Sargent Patrick Jones, 6/24/2011)

On 06-23-11 at 7:41 p.m. Ferndale Police officers were dispatched to the area of 169 W. Nine Mile on a report of a Retail Fraud of two books just occurred.  A description of the suspect and location he was last seen fleeing on foot was radioed to responding units.  An officer arrived to the area and observed the suspect sitting in the covered bus stop on west side of Woodward just north of Nine Mile.  The officer walked toward where suspect was sitting.  The suspect observed the approaching officer.  The suspect put his shoes on that he had taken off, picked up the two books, and ran at the officer in an attempt to flee on foot from the officer.  The officer tackled the suspect back into the bus stop.

As the officer was attempting to gain control of the suspect the suspect grabbed the officer by the shirt and then attempted to disarm the officer’s holstered handgun by attempting to pull the handgun from the officer’s holster.  The officer’s belt and holster were turned 90 degrees to the front of the officer from the hip area of the officer.

The officer was able to draw a Taser from its holster and the suspect then grabbed at the Taser with both hands in an attempt to now disarm the officer of the Taser.  The officer struck the arms and head of the suspect in an attempt to release the grip of the suspect from the Taser.  The suspect released the Taser and again grabbed at the officers handgun.  An off-duty police officer from Harper Woods stopped and assisted the Ferndale officer when he saw the officer wrestling with the suspect.  The Harper Woods officer pried the suspect’s hands from the officer’s weapon, and assisted the Ferndale officer in handcuffing the suspect.

The Ferndale officer, a six year veteran, suffered a cuts and bruises to his hands, arms, and elbow.

The information was forwarded to the Office of the Oakland County Prosecutor.  The Prosecutor’s Officer authorized three counts against the Defendant.

Count 1 – Attempt-Peace Officer – Disarming Firearm – Felony: 5 Years

Count 2 – Assaulting/Resisting/Obstructing Police Officer – Felony 2 Years and/or $2,000.00


Count 3 – Retail Fraud – Misdemeanor – 93 days and $500.00, or 3 times the value of the Property whichever is greater.


On 6/24/2011 at 2:00 p.m. the Defendant, MICHAEL KENNETH WELLS, 37 years old, of Oak Park, Michigan was arraigned in the 43rd District Court-Ferndale Division by Magistrate J. Patrick Brennan.  Bond was set at $400,500.  Next court date was set for June 30, 2011 at 1:00 p.m.


D/Sgt. Patrick Jones


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