Social Media Headshots (March 30)

Social Media Headshots: Why You Might Need One and Where You Can Get One FREE March 30

(Crystal A. Proxmire, 3/24/2011)


As part of their ongoing commitment to helping people have the resources they need to find work in a competitive marketplace, The Ferndale Career Center has teamed up with Aly Darin Photography to do a Free Social Media Headshot day.  On March 30, 2011 from 2pm-4pm, Darin will spend 5-10 minutes with each participant, positioning them in front of a black or white background and getting the best shot.  Within a week she will choose the best photo and e mail it to the participant so they can use it on their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other online accounts.


The Career Center’s Heather Coleman-Voss is a strong advocate of good online communications, and using social networking to help people find work.  “An online presence is critical to a successful job search,” Coleman-Voss said.  “You must be present in order to be found, and you must be actively engaged within your niche to network toward the position you seek! It’s about your collaboration, the value you add, your ability to promote other people and businesses and the information you share. It cannot be emphasized enough that how you act is who you are. How you act is your brand. Recruiters, staffing agents and employers are real people with accounts like Facebook and they use social media personally and professionally.”

Coleman-Voss knows that a picture speaks a thousand words. She recommends giving serious thought to the impression that a profile picture gives. “A great headshot is imperative in today’s market for your career and business. Keep in mind that we are not talking about the ‘old school’ headshot! Who you are is your authentic brand – so wear colors that highlight your personality. Some of the most impactful headshots are of people laughing, smiling or speaking. Note that not having a photo of yourself is not an option! You look like a spammer, or someone hiding something. This is one of the worst job search mistakes people make!”


Online activity can also tell potential employers a lot about you.  “Think about this: Many employers, hiring managers and recruiters are well-connected and in today’s shrinking world, may be connected through your own Facebook friends. Whether or not your profile is private, your online activity is not. How you behave online when you are ‘being yourself’ is the best indicator of your personality and professionalism. If your online presence showcases negative, immature or passive-aggressive behavior then you have branded yourself as a person who is a potential problem and therefore, no longer a candidate.

‘Conversely, when you are actively engaged with your Facebook friends and professional colleagues in a manner that is positive, productive and supportive you are showing yourself to be the type of person and team leader for which organizations are searching. When you promote your community and share information that is pertinent to your social media friends and colleagues, you become a valuable resource and potential employee. Expand your network and become active on Twitter, LinkedIn and Quora. Make an impact in your field whether or not you are currently employed. And have fun with it – your personality is the key to your career and business success!”


Coleman-Voss connected with photographer Darin online before meeting her in person.  “Aly is exactly who I thought she was based on her online interaction – intelligent, empathetic, fun and a savvy business professional who cares about our community. Aly has been coming to our workshops for small business owners and social media strategies and has been a wonderful supporter of FCC.”


Darin has been in business since 2006, deciding to start Aly Darin Photography after attaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from CMU and training with a variety of local photographers in the area.  She is happy to use her passion to help other people find work.  “The importance of incorporating social media, for those in the job market and business owners alike, has grown exponentially.  Having a good profile photo as part of your branding can only increase the benefits of using these tools.  Offering this to the job seekers and business owners in the area is a fun way for me to give back and to help spread the word about the amazing things The Ferndale Career Center has to offer!”

To learn more about Aly Darin Photography, go to

Those interested can call The Ferndale Career Center (248-545-0222) to schedule an appointment for March 30. The Ferndale Career Center is located at 713 E. 9 Mile.  Participants need to come dressed and ready for the shoot, preferably in professional clothing that reflects their personality.


The Ferndale Career Center offers more than 35+ workshops, seminars and special events for those in career transition as well as small business owners and solo-preneurs. Under the leadership of Pamela Bellaver, Heather Coleman-Voss and Ron Marshall create new workshops constantly and instruct them daily in an interactive environment. They are proud to be a part of the Ferndale School District and are a MI Works! One Stop Career Center.  Find out more at

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