Coyote Sighted in Pleasant Ridge Today

Coyote Sighted in Pleasant Ridge Today

A coyote was photographed today on Ridge Road in Pleasant Ridge by resident Scott Wright.  Wright recognized it as a coyote and reacted quickly and calmly.  “We used to hunt them when I lived in Iowa so I knew right away what it was so I grabbed my camera and tried to get a couple of shots,” Wright said.  “It was very alert, stopping every few feet to look around and smell. It appeared to be in good health, nice coat, plump. It seamed very calm for being so far out of its habitat.”

The following statement was sent out from Pleasant Ridge City Hall :

A Coyote has been spotted traveling near Elm Park , Poplar Park ,

Oakland Park & in Memorial Park in Pleasant Ridge.

Please keep animals and small children inside until the animal is captured.

The City of Pleasant Ridge has been searching for the animal throughout the day.

If you have questions about safety regarding coyotes, please refer to this information from Westchester , New York :

To keep coyotes from your property:

Bring pet food and water dishes inside.

Do not put out food for birds.

Do not leave food outside unattended; scrape your grill and burn off food residue.

Cover garbage cans securely.

Consider keeping small children and pets inside if there have been coyote sightings near your house.

While outside, have handy a loud horn, noisemakers, or pots or pans to bang on and also things you can throw at coyotes.

If a coyote approaches you:

Be aggressive: stand tall, shout in a loud voice, throw things at coyote, maintain eye contact and wave your arms as you try to scare it away and head indoors or to a more populated area.

Do not turn your back and run, as the coyote will then view you as prey and give chase.

Call 911. Do not try to catch the coyote.


We will send out a notification when the animal has been captured.


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