Mom Pleads to Sex w/Minor & Providing Alcohol…

Mom Pleads to Sex w/Minor & Providing Alcohol, is Arrested Again before Sentencing

(Crystal A. Proxmire, 3/3/2011)


A  sleepover led to a 42-year-old mother providing alcohol to her daughter’s 15 year old friend and having sex with him.  The woman, Angela Wolf, now 43, plead ‘no contest’ on Feb. 8 to charges of criminal sexual conduct in the fourth degree and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.  She was originally charged with third degree criminal sexual conduct, but plead in order to have it reduced to a misdemeanor.


The misdemeanor could put her behind bars for up to two years.  Although the sentencing does not take place until March 15, Wolf has violated the restrictions placed upon her as a registered sex offender, and was subsequently arrested Tuesday around 5:08pm for “loitering in Student Safety Zone.”


“The woman will be on the Sex Offender list for the next twenty-five years,” said Detective Ken Denmark, who investigated the 15 year-old boy’s complaints.  “She is not allowed on school property except for a few minutes in the parking lot to drop off or pick up her own children for school.  She cannot live within 1,000 feet of any school.  She cannot attend school functions.”  He stated that because the woman currently lives within 1,000 feet of a school she may have to move, unless the Judge is willing to order a waiver, which would take place at her sentencing.

Denmark said police did not know of any other incidents involving Wolf, and that the illegal activities of the night in question (Nov. 14, 2009) only involved the juvenile referred to in the complaint, no one else that was in the home that night.


The victim’s mother had been torn over how to proceed once she learned what had happened with her son.  She and her son initially wanted to keep the incident quiet, and spare all the children involved any embarrassment, but an instinct to seek justice inevitable won out.


“Personally, I find it disturbing, not only because it was a crime against my son, but because she violated a guardian role within the community,” she said.  “She continues to be around children in the community, and I doubt that anyone, including her own children know the truth. After the police ordered her to stay away from the schools and the band, not only did I continue to see her around them, but I became informed that she was telling other parents that my son ‘lied’ about her….If she hadn’t dragged my son’s name through the neighborhood mud, I’d probably still be trying to keep the matter quiet. However, as her behavior continues to prove manipulative & only in self interest, I seriously feel that the community has a right to know who they are living around.”modern tax


She said that she is grateful for the legal system, and frustrated by neighbors who aren’t sympathetic to her family’s situation. “The courts are doing a wonderful job bringing her to justice & supporting my son. I am hoping to bring this to the public eye so the community may be informed as well. …I also think it’s so important that this behavior is not over-looked, or forgivable just because it’s a female perpetrator! I don’t know what I loathe more, her actions or some reactions I get to it! Talk about sexism!”


Wolf has not returned requests for comments.



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