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Ferndale Reviews $7.5 Million in Building Needs, Creating Task Force to Prioritize

December 5th 2021

“This is the beginning of a series of long and difficult discussion for the community,” Mayor Piana said.

Practical Ways to Help in Oxford: How to Get the Latest List

December 4th 2021

All efforts are being coordinated through a Google List with a core group of volunteers organizing and verifying information. 

Holly Dickens Festival Enchantment Continues

December 3rd 2021

A holiday tradition continues in Downtown Holly as visitors celebrate the annual Holly Dickens Festival. 

Events: Oxford Vigil, Holly Dickens Festival, Festive Ferndale and More

December 3rd 2021

Those attending the Oxford Vigil please look for map and use shuttle busses.

Dec. 3 – Downtown Oxford Vigil –Busing & Parking Info

December 2nd 2021

Oxford School buses will be running from three locations. Lake Orion buses will run from one location.

Dec. 6 – State Rep. Reilly Hosting Listening Meeting in Oxford

December 2nd 2021

State Rep. John Reilly today invited the Oxford community to join him at a listening meeting on Dec. 6.

Royal Oak Police Chief Corrigan O’Donohue Retires

December 2nd 2021

Chief O’Donohue was first hired as a Patrol Officer in 1993, and after serving as Deputy Chief, he became the Police Chief in 2011.

Minimum Wage Goes Up In Michigan Starting Jan. 1

December 2nd 2021

Michigan’s Improved Workforce Opportunity Wage Act of 2018 establishes the annual schedule and increases.

Several Oakland County School Districts Closed Thursday Due to Threats

December 1st 2021

Several Metro Detroit area school districts have opted to close school on Thursday, with some closing Friday as well.

Oxford: Ways to Help and How to Connect with Community Efforts

December 1st 2021

At Wednesday’s mid-day meeting about 50 people came and brainstormed ways people can help, and ways to get the word out.  People shared what efforts they already knew of and listed ideas to be researched further.